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Our Solutions

Proven enterprise wide process, change management and technology consulting across the contract lifestyle.

Contract insights is a technology-enabled service that organises your executed contracts, extracting metadata and provisions.

Our Manage contracts Software is part of the the Elevate Ecosystem Legal Management (ELM).

CLM technology Managed Services partners with your legal and IT groups for a fixed monthly fee to implement and support a CLM configured to your needs for increased adoption.

Manage Contract Services offer people, process and technology to manage low risk, low to medium complexity contracts outsourced to Elevate including contract drafting and negotiation support is available in multiple languages on five continents.

Elevate Edge

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An end-to-end contract management program including software delivered by 350 dedicated contract professionals

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CLM Technology Managed Services reduced your CLM support costs up to 70% over software organizations support

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A rigorous technology-enabled process supported by nearly 200 lawyers trained to deliver Contract Insights

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Managed Contract Services can reduce the cost per contract by 30% within the first 18 months of use

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