Share data across your ecosystem – law departments, law firms, and law companies. Collaboration tools improve project and matter visibility, advance communication, and provide insights.

Enterprise Legal Management

A cloud-based legal operations software platform that streamlines the way law departments, law firms, and law companies manage legal work and collaborate.

AI and Data Science

Analytics technology and data science to read, extract, and analyse legal terms in documents and contracts.

Technology and Digital Consulting

Supporting the digital journey from strategic guidance and implementing third-party technology, to creating custom software solutions based on AI, analytics, and automation.

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Taking Law Firm Billing to the Next-Level

This episode features Pratik Patel, the Head of Innovation at Elevate, and Joe Woods, COO at Lane Powell, a nearly 200 lawyer firm in the Pacific Northwest. Pratik and Joe talk about Technology, the…

Why choose Elevate for useful legal technology?

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Law departments, law firms, and law companies can connect on one platform
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One common data model, unified dashboard, and machine-driven insights including data from third-party applications
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Share documents and data on requests, matters, budgets, RFPs, contracts, and billing across the legal ecosystem
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Cutting-edge digital platforms combine the best of AI and machine learning for practical predictive insights
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RFPs and unbundling of legal work (on average) 15% cost savings
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Matter and budget management – Legal Project Management (on average) 10% cost savings

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