Partner for cost-effective global managed services and technology.

We take on routine legal and business of law matters supported by our practising lawyers for legal oversight and escalation.

Legal Operations Solutions

Support and systems to make legal teams more cost-efficient and effective.

Discovery and Document Review

Remote, off-site, and on-location Discovery, information governance, case management, data collection, processing, hosting, and document review.

Managed Contracts Services

Contract services to manage, draft, review, and negotiate routine contracts to free up your lawyers for higher-level work.

Practising Lawyers

Our integrated, business of law and practising lawyers are available in multiple geographies.

Why choose Elevate to modernise legal services for your enterprise?

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Business of law and practising lawyers in multiple geographies
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A full-service offering – people, process, and technology
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End-to-end diagnosis, recommendation, and decision support
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Exclusively for legal
Gareth Hughes podcast banner

Gareth Hughes – Adapting to Change and Enjoying It

In this episode, Jake Hills, Vice President, Legal Operations at Elevate, talks with Gareth Hughes, Director of Strategy at the international law firm Reed Smith.
Jason Barnwell podcast banner

Jason Barnwell – Driving Value in the Enterprise

Welcome to our Elevate Debate series. Featuring industry leaders and Elevate Experts supporting and defending an approach, a viewpoint, or a practice.

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