Manage Requests

Standardise your legal intake process, efficiently organise and assign service requests, monitor legal demand volume and nature, and keep stakeholders informed of request status.

Manage Matters

Centralise the management of legal matters, foster collaboration with business stakeholders, analyse and report on matter data, and gain transparency into legal workload and activity.

Manage Contracts

Securely store and manage executed agreements, capture essential terms, track contractual obligations, and proactively mitigate risk with alerts and notifications.

Manage Outside Counsel

Seamlessly collaborate with legal service providers, conduct structured RFP processes, compare legal vendors, and efficiently source high-quality and cost-efficient legal services.

Manage Billing

Effectively control and track legal spend, streamline invoice intake, review, and analysis, ensure adherence to outside counsel guidelines, and uncover cost-saving trends.

Analyse Documents

Enhance document review with our AI engine, which identifies and organises contracts, extracts and analyses key provisions, locates and links documents, and provides advanced analytics.

Why choose Elevate’s ELM?

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Offers scalability through its modular framework, enabling you to start small and expand as needed, ensuring growth flexibility
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Provides integration capabilities that support interoperability with other systems, enhancing overall value and efficiency
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Improves collaboration by facilitating seamless communication and interaction with both internal stakeholders and external partners
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Delivers robust reporting and insights, empowering you to make informed decisions, identify trends, and reduce potential liabilities
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Helps mitigate legal risks and ensures improved compliance, enhancing regulatory adherence of business processes
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Automates legal processes, reducing cycle times and eliminating errors, thereby increasing operational efficiency and accuracy

Powered by advanced platform components


Unleash efficiency and time savings through automated workflows, standardise repetitive processes, and empower your team to focus on tasks of greater significance. 


Attain deeper insights, make informed decisions, optimise outcomes, and identify potential risks by harnessing automated reports and real-time dashboards for data analysis. 


Ensures the safety and confidentiality of your data, offering robust security features such as data encryption, role-based permissions, and single sign-on. 


Our API facilitates seamless integration with your other legal and business systems, allowing you to curate an integrated suite of tools that enhance productivity and enable a seamless flow of data. 

Solution Brief

Enterprise Legal Management (ELM)

Our ELM integrates with your existing point solutions to improve efficiency.

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