A modular approach to digital technology addresses unique business requirements, data, and workflows.

Advancements in digital technologies, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and predictive analytics provide an opportunity to extract organisational wisdom from your historical data, transforming it into a business asset.

Modules include:

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Digital Maturity Assessment

Data-driven insights to help organizations identify where to start their digital journey. Measures organizations against an objective index of behaviors that leading law departments and law firms have undertaken to achieve successful digital projects.

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Actionable Insights with Analytics and AI

Surface the right insights to the right professionals at the right time. Make well-informed decisions to achieve better business and legal outcomes.

  • Identify and rank high-value opportunities for analytics and AI using a Digital Maturity Assessment and a virtual Design Thinking Session
  • Combine strategy, data science, and user experience to design a digital pilot (or MVP) and prove measurable business value before starting a big project
  • Mature the pilot into a fully integrated, production-grade digital solution
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Core Legal Technology Consulting

Advice and best practices for selecting, implementing, and adopting technology for:

  • Legal matter and content management
  • Law firm management (case management, practice management, docketing)
  • Transactions (contracts, real estate, IP, regulatory/investigations)
  • Disputes (claims, litigation)
  • Budgets, reserves, e-billing, and legal spend management
  • Outside counsel/legal supplier management
  • Corporate secretarial, compliance, and entity management
  • Diversity and Inclusion
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Digital Automation

Custom-configured solutions based on robotic process automation (RPA), decision automation, AI/machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics:

  • Identify and rank high-value opportunities for automation using an Automation Capability
    Assessment and a virtual Design Thinking Session
  • Create a future-state vision for one or more automation use cases to deliver a functional pilot that establishes business, technical, and end-user feasibility
  • Build, fully integrate, and implement an end-state solution defined by an Automation Pilot
  • Create and embed an automation centre of excellence within your law department or law firm
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Repeatable Digital Solutions

Prebuilt, configurable solutions to address law department and law firm business goals using customer data and existing Elevate technology. Packaged business outcomes and tailored ROI:

  • Transforms outside counsel spend with AI. Use natural language understanding, machine learning, and probabilistic reasoning to assess outside counsel performance and reduce legal costs by automatically reviewing invoices, detecting legal case patterns, and analyzing root causes of non-compliance and over-spending.
  • AI to produce a unified view of current and emerging legal risk patterns for contract breach and supply chain, pending M&A transactions, privacy and information security, employment and HR, active and pending litigation
  • Analyze and benchmark law firm diversity against data categories, industry standards, and organizational-specific DE&I goals to develop fair and accurate goalsetting baselines
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Digital Data Strategy


  • Improve Core Processes: An engagement to improve existing services, offerings, and operations through the use of enterprise data designed to be consumed by analytics, AI, and automation capabilities.
  • Create New Insights: An engagement to improve the client and end-user experience with new, personalized insights based on better historical data use.
  • White Label: An engagement to help organizations source and white label analytics, AI, and automation capabilities created by other companies and sell them to clients.
  • Create New Data Sources: An engagement to identify valuable new sources of data and together with a strategy for monetizing them through acquisition, partnership with 3rd party organizations, or creation (i.e., firm-trained AI models).
  • Create Software Products: An engagement to co-design, build and bring to market firm-branded software solutions.

Together, these strategies make up a spectrum of activity for transforming an organization’s relationship with data – by treating it as an enterprise asset.

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Digital Design Thinking

Virtual custom workshops for buying or building legal technology solutions. Development of a Business Value Assessment, a Digital Solution Design Blueprint, a high-level roadmap and a plan for next steps. We execute workshops in three phases:

  • Phase 1 – One day workshop to align senior business and IT leadership on business goals and target use cases
  • Phase 2 – Interactive Design Thinking workshops for up to three use cases
  • Phase 3 – Blueprints and architecture for conceptual POC solution design as defined in Phase 2
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Why choose Elevate for technology and digital consulting?

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Elevate’s Digital Maturity Assessment is the legal industry’s only objective resource for measuring a digital journey
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The only service in the legal industry to use customer-specific data to identify and benchmark the root causes of legal spend
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Unrivalled expertise across the legal technology spectrum
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Our legal domain expertise accelerates automation time-to-value
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Customised digital solutions from on-demand, project-based advice to broad digital transformations

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