Understand, indemnify, and capture enterprise cost savings opportunities.

  • Reduce indirect spend by 15–30%
  • Achieve significant cost savings without operational disruption
  • Employ a Supplier Rate Compliance Audit to review contracts and invoices to reveal overpayments and benchmark pricing from ‘like to like’ competitors
  • Identify and close contract gaps and renegotiate to competitive market rates
  • Experience savings within 2-3 months – unlike traditional procurement processes that take a year or more to yield results
Benefits in procurement Consulting's Focus to Value Chain

Why choose Elevate for procurement consulting?

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Manage rate compliance for duration of supplier contract
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Our benchmarking process generates savings from 15–30%
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You pay only after savings are achieved and recorded
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Elevate assumes the risk and ensures realisation of savings within 6–8 weeks

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