• Generate savings quickly from law firm’s current supplier spending, without replacing incumbent suppliers or increasing current workload of stakeholders
  • Achieve savings target of 15% from current expenditures
  • Head of Facilities worked with Elevate’s procurement consultants to identify these IT and NON-IT spend categories to pilot Elevate’s approach:
    • Telecom – Mobiles and Phone System Support
    • Desktop Refresh – Best And Final Offer (BAFO)
    • Managed Print Services and Office Supplies
    • Records Management
    • HR Benefits Brokering


  • Benchmarking process replaces traditional RFPs, is non-invasive to stakeholders, incumbent-friendly. and generates savings within 60-90 days
  • Head of Facilities directed all incumbent providers to cooperate with Elevate’s Procurement Team by signing a confidentiality NDA, providing current contracts, any addenda, and previous 12 months paid invoices


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£19m spend reviewed with £4.06m total savings
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Exceeded 15% savings target by 6% for 21% savings
Procurement Case Study on Non IT and IT savings

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