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Elevate Becomes First Law Company to Subscribe to Legal Metrics To Boost Diversity Tracking and Transparency

Leader in Legal Operations and Diversity Data Brings On Leading Law Company To Help Advance DEI

May 10, 2022 — Legal Metrics, a legal technology company focused on automating the calculation and benchmarking of operations data, formalized its subscription with Elevate, a law company. Elevate will now use Legal Metrics’ system to automatically calculate its diversity performance and share it with customers.

The Elevate-Legal Metrics subscription and partnership will advance the gathering, display, interpretation, and sharing of DEI information without disclosing person-level information, enabling law departments and the suppliers of legal services – firms and law companies – to collaborate on diversity efforts using industry and standardized measures of metrics that allow “like-to-like” comparisons.

“Achieving greater diversity in the law industry is a team effort, and time is of the essence.  As law company involvement in legal portfolios grows, so does the responsibility to provide data and transparency to GCs and their teams.  Diversity tracking is a high priority for law departments but comes with difficulties since the data tools and templates are different across customers.  Working with Legal Metrics, Elevate can eliminate these problems for ourselves and our customers by making it easy to load, share, and access our diversity data without releasing sensitive data,” said Pratik Patel, VP of Innovation at Elevate. “Elevate will use our subscription to Legal Metrics to calculate and publish critical diversity metrics to our customers, and we encourage other law companies to join us.”

“There is no better way to help advance the cause for diversity in the legal services industry than to provide a purpose-built diversity and legal ops technology system that allows law companies or law firms to stay in control of their sensitive information and calculates diversity, and operations metrics automatically, and more frequently. Impact and action are driven by leading (and not lagging) metrics. Legal Metrics has developed such a system, ensuring personal diversity data never leaves the firm and that data is current. These capabilities encourage staff to self-identify more comfortably, knowing their information remains secure,” said Ryan Steadman, Legal Metrics’ Client & Community Engagement lead. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Elevate, who can help extend these capabilities to a broader footprint.”

About Legal Metrics

Legal Metrics automatically calculates, visualizes, and benchmarks legal industry metrics around diversity, effectiveness, efficiency, value, and good working relationships. We have created a platform that provides legal services providers with a first-ever “diversity and legal ops metrics system” to automate calculations and provide clients’ perspectives based on meeting their stated goals. For legal departments, we provide panel results and benchmarks with no effort or costs.  We’re making it easy to understand expectations and alignment in the legal market. Learn more at

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About Elevate

Elevate is the law company. We help legal and business teams achieve incredible outcomes, together. Our multi-disciplinary professionals provide consulting, technology, and multi-language services to more than 100 of the world’s best-known Global 1000 corporations across all sectors (including technology, pharmaceuticals, financial services, insurance, and consumer products) and more than 30 Global 100 law firms. Learn more at

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