Close the value gap with consulting experience across the contracting lifecycle.

We take on your contracting challenges and extract more value from your commercial contracts. Whether you’re looking for a full-scale contract management transformation or trying to achieve more value from your current portfolio, we can help.

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Contract Lifecycle Management Technology

Leverage technology to streamline your contract management activities. Analyse and understand your CLM process and the needs of your business. We help vet, select and implement the right CLM for your organisation, ensuring adoption is easy, effective, and results in real benefits.

Five-Step Process:

  • Assess your current state and supporting technology landscape and ways of working
  • Identify technology requirements and a future roadmap
  • Align your use case with the requirements of the CLM tool feature sets
  • Select and implement technology
  • Adoptions assessment and engineering
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Contract Analysis and Optimisation

Ensure your contracts work for the business – contract more quickly and shorten the sales cycle. By making your contracts simpler and more accessible, and by establishing best practices, you can expand business self-service and reduce reliance on legal.

Simplify your contracts with our expert contractual knowledge. We review the quality of the commercial terms to identify areas of value erosion. We support contract visualisation and deliver a playbook of contract standards, including simplified and rationalised contract templates for future engagements.

Why choose Elevate for contracts consulting?

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Learn more about our Contract Management Maturity Assessment based on people, process, technology, and content
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We leverage advanced AI tools and a detailed understanding of the business context economics of contracting
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Our diagnostic approach was developed with WorldCC and supported by our experience in bench testing approximately 200 CLM suppliers
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Our detailed understanding of the pitfalls of CLM implementation enables us to design programmes for successful realisation of the business case benefits

The Evolution of Contracting – From IA to AI

By Robert Couch and Dr. Roger Strathausen

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