• Biotechnology company‚Äôs business lawyers and paralegals were responsible for all legal functions without dedicated contract personnel or contracting process in place. Recognising this was unsustainable, legal team invested in a CLM platform to transform their contracting process
  • Limited adoption/multiple business groups were not aware of the tool at all
  • Administrative assistants tasked with inputting contract requests without adequate training
  • More time spent managing tool than doing legal work


  • Evaluate usage of CLM from IT, Legal, and Business groups
  • Review underlying processes and templates
  • Modify CLM to simplify user experience
  • Create workgroups to relaunch CLM adoption
  • Implement simplification initiative¬†with new contract request tool
  • Build customer-run contracts shared services team to monitor CLM intake tool, conduct training, review processes and keep company in compliance with legal policies and procedures


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Cut timeline for contract execution from 180 to 60 days allowing clinical trials to be completed sooner
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Legal team concentrates on high-value work instead of managing contract process
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Business is more self-reliant and using pre-approved intake forms
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Contracts centre of excellence allows legal to focus on strategic activities
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Turnaround time reduced/business satisfaction is up
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Accurate contract data accessible by all employees

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