• Customer wanted to understand how modern contracting technology provides enhanced visibility, speed to revenue, and future value in a complex environment across people, process, and technology
  • Experiencing prolonged contracting cycle times and significant rework
  • Ongoing process redesigns to compensate for insufficient contracting technology and highly manual processes
  • Contracting function evolved where people were enabling in-place technology rather than technology enabling contracting function
  • Pervasive culture of complexity and preference for ‘hands on’ approach enabled multi-threaded workflow with excessive manual handoffs, and review points
  • Ambiguous business and legal roles and skills with overlapping responsibilities causing confusion related to ownership and approval


  • Analysed workflows for each contract type to identify excessive handoffs, overlaps in responsibilities, and opportunities for automation
  • Identified and assessed gaps within current operating model and technology ecosystem for impacts
  • Identified and rated pain points across people, culture, skills, process, and technology for overall severity and impact
  • Developed highly specific ROI model to assist with understanding and communicating expected value proposition
  • Defined and integrated highly detailed future state improvement initiatives into comprehensive contracting technology implementation roadmap


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Improved visibility into contracting function and current inhibitors informs understanding of required future technology capabilities
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Detailed and phased implementation roadmap accelerates future contracting technology implementation and assists with resource/technology planning and budgeting
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Clearer communication of expected ROI from implementing modern contracting platform

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