• Customer’s contracting process was overtaxing legal team leading to frustration and staff turnover
  • Contract turn-around times stretched into weeks causing loss of faith in Legal and frustration for current process
  • Contracts could not be found as they were spread across individual machines, shared drives, shared inboxes, and legacy contract request tool
  • Legal had no defined procedures or policies leading to inconsistency and heightened risk for company


  • Staggered Icertis implementation with an initial focus on creating repository for all contracts
  • Subsequent phases focused on high-volume contracts
  • Contract optimisation and review to build consistent language across existing templates
  • Created standardised contracting process to support all regions


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Uploaded 585 agreements in first six months with 80% adoption after template launch
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Designed contract intake form for business requesters in partnership with internal experts
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Developed request functionality to complement external intake process
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Integrated with DocuSign and OKTA

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