Each year, government agencies respond to thousands of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Open Records Act (ORA) requests with limited dedicated staff and short deadlines.

Elevate handles end-to-end response processing or singular tasks to supplement the work of your team.

Our teams manage:

Intake: Calendar the response, interpret and clarify the request, and negotiate terms
Preparation: Review documents to determine whether exemptions apply; redact, and assert exemptions as needed
Production: Deliver responsive documents

graphic showing workflow for a foil response. Intake > Triage > Evaluate Exemptions and Negotiate Scope > Gather Documents from Custodians > Redact and Review Documents > Prepare Response > Collect Expenses > Respond and Provide Documents > Regular Reporting and Metrics

Why choose Elevate for your FOIA or ORA response services?

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Consistent, efficient processes led by lawyers
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Fixed-fee pricing available
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Use of software built for response requests
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Cost recovery feature, as allowed by statute
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Ability to handle large volumes of requests with monthly reporting
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Full-service end-to-end processing or singular tasks

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