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The money you get as an in-house lawyer – as high as BigLaw???

July 20, 2015

The article quoted below rightly compares favourably the remuneration of a top General Counsel with that of a BigLaw partner. However whilst each BigLaw firm has hundreds of partners each Fortune 500 or FTSE 100 company only has one General Counsel. If you’re moving in-house don’t bank on making the big money as a top GC. So few ever get there. The reasons for going in-house are many and varied and its a very worthwhile career path, but if money is your primary or only motivation, I’d say BigLaw remains a better bet.

But what about the money? Could an in-house job possibly be as big of a cash grab as that of the typical Biglaw salary?

While a great number of people believe that in-house lawyers earn less than their Biglaw counterparts, top in-house attorneys, the general counsel of the nation’s largest companies, often earn sums that meet or even exceed Biglaw partner pay. No wonder so many lawyers long to go in-house.

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