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The House of Legal Ops

May 03, 2024

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Elevate created ‘The House of Legal Ops’ in response to common issues faced by General Counsel and AGCs trying to either understand or validate what should be (and most importantly, what shouldn’t be) included in the term (and team) ’legal operations’.

We heard:

– how should we structure our legal operations function and team?
– what should be included?
– what is basic vs. advanced?

Consider the following structure when building the House of Legal Ops –
Key considerations:

  • It is highly encouraged that a member of the leadership team sits at the top of the house (at least to begin with). Every house needs a roof, and this one needs to be marketed and supported in its early days.
  • Legal finance and tech are strong starting points for building the initial pillars of the house. Both are core to running legal like a (and for the) business.
  • Each pillar deserves its own manager. Don’t short-change your legal ops house or team by having them ‘dual role’ multiple pillars.

If you are in the process of designing or building your house of legal ops and would like some guidance, we are here to help. Reach out to us, and one of our Elevate Expert guides will be happy to walk you through the diagram, understand what you are trying to achieve, and offer guidance on how to build your own house most effectively.

Pratik Patel will be at CLOC 2024 in Las Vegas from May 6 through 9th, hosting brain dates on this topic. Look him up and secure a spot!

‘Less flashy perhaps than The House of Versace, but just as timeless, the House of Legal Ops represents a different type of style and beauty.’ – Pratik Patel

‘House of Legal Ops’ is a framework for structuring well-rounded legal operations within an organisation. The house emphasises the importance of leadership support and dedicated management for core pillars like finance and technology and offers guidance on designing a customised ‘house’ for your organisation’s legal operations. 

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