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Measurable, Significant, and Award-Winning

June 15, 2021

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It’s an exciting experience when customers see positive, measurable results from implementing change within their business.  Results that are good for the businesses of our customers are good for Elevate.   We are pleased to share this Excerpt from a podcast we published earlier this week highlighting the work we are executing with our long-time customer Rio Tinto.     Listen in and hear how Dion Harrington, Chief of Legal Operations at Rio Tinto, and his team are implementing change, saving time and money.

The results in this Excerpt are worth noting. Last week ACC awarded Rio Tinto and Elevate the 2021 ACC Value Champion Award.     Elevate’s ELM solution, specifically, Manage Dashboards, and Manage Outside Counsel, along with our Legal Operations solutions – including Managed Bill Review and Outside Counsel Concierge played a key role in supporting Rio Tinto in achieving these results.

Listen to the full 20-minute podcast episode on or your favorite podcast platform, including Apple PodcastsSoundCloudSpotify, and Stitcher.

In terms of savings on the RFPs, these ranged from 4%-94%, and we had a median of 28%, and our largest savings on a

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