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Guess Who’s Looking to Elevate Experts for Thought Leadership?

December 18, 2023

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We at Elevate describe ourselves as ‘expert-led’. But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the more notable proof points involving journalists, trade organisations, and tens of thousands of LinkedIn users who sought out the insights of Elevate Experts recognised as thought leaders in their respective fields:

Sweet Harmony (Along With a Million Pounds)

It’s not inevitable that trimming spend on outside counsel is a zero-sum game for law departments and law firms – and, thanks to two LinkedIn posts by Elevate Director, Legal Ops Sarah Wilson-Ward, several tens of thousands of people have a better understanding of why. Her December post ‘How to Save a Million in 2024’ (22,000 views in two weeks) details how she saved a law department £1 million in legal spend within a year (and the same amount the following year) without harming the quality of legal work, upsetting department colleagues, or destroying law firm relationships. On the law firm side, in November (as a prelude to a subsequent post, ‘4 Ways to Increase Law Firm Profits’), she explained that even though ‘Law Firms Are Not OK’ (38,000 views and counting), three simple (though, admittedly, ‘unsexy’) steps can guarantee a law firm greater profitability in 2024.

A (Contracts Continuum) Offer We Couldn’t Refuse

When a top professional organisation asks to republish an Elevate Expert’s blog post in their flagship publication, it’s an easy decision. A case in point is World Commerce & Contracting (WCC), the leading professional organisation for commercial and contract professionals, and its recent request to republish ‘Have you tapped the full potential of the ‘contracts continuum’?’ by Jason Block. Elevate VP, Contracts in WCC’s Contracting Excellence Journal. Jason’s piece was already among the most-read Elevate blog posts in 2023; its republication in CEJ reached the WCC’s 70,000 members at over 20,000 organisations.

You Can’t Spell ‘Pratik Patel’ Without ‘AI’

Elevate VP, Innovation Pratik Patel is a go-to Elevate Expert for reporters covering the impact of new technologies on the law industry. So, it was little surprise that Law360 quoted Pratik extensively in an October article, ‘Ready Or Not, Small Law Firms Keep Pace With AI’ (subscription required). Pratik explained how artificial technology is enabling smaller law firms to efficiently scale to become more competitive for large matters previously the exclusive province of bigger firms.

As we step into 2024, we fully expect the new year to include many more examples of reporters, professionals, and numerous others looking to Elevate Experts for insight, understanding, and guidance.

Throughout 2023, leading journalists, top trade organisations, hundreds of law departments and law firms, and tens of thousands of professionals looked to Elevate Experts for thought leadership, practical insights, and bottom-line-boosting guidance.

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