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Do What You Say You Will Do

June 02, 2021

CLM change management law department consulting project management implementation partners

Legal tech implementation is challenging even at large companies like NetApp and Microsoft. Keys to successful implementation include the experience to truly understand problems that need to be solved. This is why many technology companies, including in the CLM space, partner with Elevate.  We understand the full lifecycle – and because of this –  understand the down and upstream impacts of features being implemented. Another critical factor is change management. Let’s face it, all engagements and implementations will succeed or fail depending on the buy-in and adoption by its user base.

These technology giants will also expect more from technology providers who are pitching them. They expect the providers to understand what good project management looks like. So, if you are trying to sell your latest and greatest legal tech to companies like Microsoft and NetApp, be sure you have done your homework and will be able to do what you say you are going to do.

Perhaps more important than access to tech leaders is the legal department’s aerial view of what it takes for a successful tech launch, Bassli said. “Law departments in tech companies are familiar with not only technology lifecycles but product management,” she said. “We know what good product management looks like and we’re going to expect it from our technology partners.”

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