Elevate and SessionGuardian Form Strategic Partnership for ‘Cyber-Secure’ Legal Service Delivery

Partnership Delivers Critical Protection for Sensitive and Privileged Material

London (June 6, 2024)Law company Elevate and cybersecurity provider SessionGuardian today announced a strategic partnership integrating SessionGuardian’s state-of-the-art cybersecurity technology into Elevate’s legal services offerings. The partnership bolsters SessionGuardian’s presence in the legal market and ensures that Elevate customers have robust defences against evolving cyber threats, such as insider risk, identity fraud, and impersonation, customised to the unique cybersecurity needs of law departments and law firms.

SessionGuardian’s technology is platform-agnostic and allows seamless integration into an organisation’s existing security systems. Specific to the legal industry, SessionGuardian has extensive experience successfully integrating its products with industry-leading platforms like Relativity, Nuix, and Canopy.

SessionGuardian’s offerings also include robust security and compliance technology for remote contract lawyers, with advanced tools like facial verification, mobile device checks, and location restrictions, along with essential certifications such as GDPR, SOC 2, and ISO 27001.

‘Strong cybersecurity has become table stakes for delivery of legal services,’ said Steve Harmon, Elevate Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel. ‘Given that highly sensitive information – privileged material, IP, contractual terms, and more – is part of nearly all document reviews, data breach response, CLM, and other legal work, all our customers stand to benefit from the Elevate-SessionGuardian partnership.’

‘Our partnership with SessionGuardian reflects our strategic, proactive approach to protecting our customers’ highly sensitive data,’ said Howard ‘Bud’ Phillips, Elevate Chief Information Officer. ‘SessionGuardian was the obvious choice for its expertise and innovative, state-of-the-art cybersecurity tailored to the legal sector.’

‘The unique cybersecurity threats that accompany legal work require specialised solutions and a strategic approach,’ said SessionGuardian’s CEO, George Marks. ‘Our partnership with Elevate demonstrates SessionGuardian’s drive to protect all varieties of sensitive information, including safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of legal data and enhancing the cybersecurity posture of the legal industry. Together, SessionGuardian and Elevate are ensuring that Elevate’s customers have the same leading cybersecurity solutions that large law departments and law firms rely on to address the unique and evolving challenges they face.’

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About SessionGuardian

SessionGuardian is a trusted provider of cybersecurity solutions tailored to the legal industry. Specializing in safeguarding legal data and protecting against cyber threats, SessionGuardian offers innovative technologies and expert guidance to ensure the security and integrity of legal operations. For more information, please visit sessionguardian.com.

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