We are experts on legal review and negotiation, technology use, metrics, and management controls that accelerate cycle times, create consistency, and lower per-contract transaction costs.

A team of global lawyers and professional legal staff assumes responsibility for routine contracting workstreams.

A complete tech-enabled managed service – facilitated by market-leading workflow and machine learning technology – we lead the entire process from drafting and negotiation (within stated risk tolerances) through to signature and uploading to your CLM, including:

    • Intake processes that aggregate contract support requests in one centralized place
    • Support request triage to match risk and complexity of work for a right-sourced work assignment
    • Track deviations from accepted contract standards and recommend adjustments to starting point templates to reduce negotiation intensity
    • Data collection and reporting captures essential terms, escalations, fallbacks and approvals, cycle times, turnaround, and volumes
    • Data reporting at contract, contract type, or departmental level
    • Recommendations for process improvement to increase efficiency and mitigate risk
    • Contract professionals with experience working with contract management technology, including Elevate’s proprietary AI-powered platforms

Why choose Elevate for managed contracts services?

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The only end-to-end contracts solution – consulting, software, and managed services – in the market
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Reduce transaction cost per contract by 30% within the first 18 months of use
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The most experienced managed contracts team in the industry
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Global team to provide coverage on every continent
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Multi-language support for contract drafting and negotiations

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