• Customer’s IT Procurement team needed processes to improve overall management of contracting function
  • Customer had determined they were spending too much on incumbent service provider’s  contracting services
  • Inconsistent contract templates
  • Lacked playbook for contract objectives, term guidance, and fallback positions


  • Elevate partnered with customer to develop a Master Procurement Framework Agreement (MPFA) and created an IT Procurement playbook outlining objectives, negotiation guidance, and escalation processes
  • Leveraged software to capture workflow and key metrics, including deviations, used to guide annual refresh of all templates and playbooks
  • Assembled team of lawyers of varying levels of experience and trained on MPFA and playbook, ensuring they would apply customer’s preferences and risk tolerances when reviewing and negotiating agreements
  • Established ‘legal front gate’ to ensure the review of each contract request was assessed for complexity and risk, ensuring all requests were right-sourced to lawyers with the appropriate skillset and experience to negotiate agreements within the parameters of the playbook guidance


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Annual cost savings of more than 150% over customer’s previous solution
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Overall 25% reduction in contracting cycle time
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Detailed reporting provides insight into progress on established goals and objectives and informs opportunities for improvement, including, for example, improvements in the playbook and/or changes in customer templates
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Strong customer satisfaction has led to multiple renewals of this multi-year engagement

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