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How Many of These Did You Read? Elevate Experts’ Top Five Posts from 2023 (Part II)

December 18, 2023

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Quick – how many articles did Elevate Experts post on our Elevate.Law.Expertise blog in 2023? Here’s a hint: more than 50, but fewer than 52. In July, we revealed the five most-viewed posts for the first half of the year; with the year almost over, it’s time to reveal the top five since then. Ready? Here goes:

Number Five: ‘What Does It Mean to ‘Run Legal Like a Business’?: It’s now imperative that GCs and their law departments directly contribute to business value and profits. But what, in practical terms, does that entail? In this September post, Pratik Patel, VP Innovation, details the five fundamental concepts that separate run-like-a-business law departments from ‘regular’ ones.

Number Four: ‘Have You Tapped the Full Potential of the ‘Contracts Continuum’?’: As with the post in the number five slot, this post by Jason Block, VP Contracts, delves into how GC and law departments can deliver more business value – namely, by optimising activities across the entire continuum of the process that comprises a business’s contracting function.

Number Three: ‘Hiring in a Challenging Market: How to Attract Diverse Talent with Limited Resources’: Continuing the theme of practical guidance, Elevate Talent Managers Ruby Srivastava and Natasha Jones draw on their two decades of combined experience to explain six key steps to avoid losing top-notch legal talent who must endure the longest and most gruelling hiring processes the law industry has ever seen.

Number Two: ‘Modern Legal Intake and Request Management: Beyond the Front Door’: No law department or law firm can afford to forgo an efficient matter intake and request management system. But, as Elevate’s Director, Products, Rob MacAdam discusses, to maximise the value of such a system, it must include eight crucial components:

…and…drumroll, please…the most-viewed Elevate Expert post from the second half of 2023: ‘Elevating the Business Through Routine Legal Activities’: Building off of his September ‘What Does It Mean to ‘Run Legal Like a Business’? post (number five above), Pratik Patel answers the three questions Elevate most often hears from GCs seeking to ‘business-ise’ their law department by partnering with outside providers: what other departments are doing, what benefits GC can expect, and whether or not the benefits require adopting new technology.

Stay tuned in 2024 for more blogs from Elevate Experts. Remember: you, the readers, determine which posts make our ‘Top Posts’ lists!

These five Elevate Experts posts – on law departments boosting the bottom line, ways to optimise the ‘contracts continuum’, hiring best practices, and legal intake system ‘must-haves’ – had the most views in the second half of 2023.

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