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Elevate ELM Platform Enhancements: Q1 Release

May 01, 2024

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The latest Q1 updates to the Elevate ELM platform introduced a series of enhancements designed to refine functionality and improve the overall user experience across its core solutions. Aimed at simplifying processes, enhancing transparency, and providing users with increased control, these updates show our ongoing commitment to adapt and meet the evolving requirements of our clients.

Highlights of our Q1 release include:

Manage Requests
  • Persistent Filters and Dashboard Settings: To enhance user efficiency, the platform now maintains selected filters and dashboard settings throughout the user session until logout. This saves valuable time and effort, eliminating the need to reapply settings with each session.
  • Visibility of Request Assignee: Improving transparency, requestors on the platform can now view the assignee information directly on the Requestor portal. This enhancement and email notifications for assignment changes ensure that all requestors are well informed.
  • Comment Notifications for Chat Activity: Assignees will now receive email notifications for any activity in the requestor chat (even if they are not tagged), ensuring timely responses and active communication.
  • Self-Management of Categories and Request Types: Admins now have the power to manage categories and request types directly within the settings. This streamlined process allows for easy creation, editing, and deletion of categories, as well as efficient management of request types.
Manage Billing for Law Departments
  • Detailed Sub-Line-Item Creation for Block-Billed Items: Enhancing billing accuracy, the platform now allows for block-billed items to be split into sub-line items. This feature clarifies the specifics of billed tasks and ensures transparency and trust.
  • Appeal Capability for Billing Items: Law departments can now enable or disable appeal functionality, offering a level of control that aligns with their billing practices and expectations.
  • Local Currency Invoicing Option: Recognising the global nature of legal operations, the platform allows firms to submit invoices in their local currency, with bill reviewers seeing amounts converted to their base currency. This flexibility facilitates easier financial management and reflects the diverse operational needs of both law firms and corporate legal teams.
Manage Billing for Law Firms
  • UTBMS Code Compliance: The platform automatically identifies mismatches between entered phase and task codes against UTBMS standards, prompting users for corrections. This ensures compliance and accuracy in billing.
  • Pre-Bill Dashboard for Attorney Workload Management: A new pre-bill dashboard provides attorneys with a clear overview of their workload by displaying the pre-bill count.
  • Simplified Access Across Multiple Client Accounts: Users affiliated with multiple law firms or clients can now access their accounts using a single email, eliminating the need to log in separately for each account.
Manage Matters for Law Firms
  • ‘Phase Only’ Templates for Flexible Matter Management: With the introduction of ‘Phase Only’ templates, the platform offers a more flexible approach to matter management. This feature allows for creating templates focused solely on the phase aspect of matter management, enhancing the planning and execution of legal matters.
Platform Enhancements
  • Support for Multiple Currencies and Exchange Rates: To accommodate the global nature of legal operations, the platform has introduced support for multiple currencies and the ability to configure exchange rates. This simplifies transactions and billing processes for law firms and their clients worldwide.
  • Migration to for US Region Customers: The platform has migrated US region customers to a new domain,

We’ve tailored the latest updates to the Elevate ELM platform to improve efficiency, transparency, and usability for administrators, requestors, attorneys, and legal operations professionals. We seek to create added value and improve results for our customers by continuously enhancing our features. This commitment reflects our dedication to evolving alongside the needs of our users, ensuring that legal operations are more streamlined and effective, fostering success across all aspects of their work.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email the ELM support team.

The Elevate ELM platform’s recent Q1 update focuses on streamlining processes, increasing transparency, and giving users more control over their workflows. These enhancements streamline core functions within the platform, aiming to save time and simplify the user experience.

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