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Careers for tech-savvy law students

February 29, 2016

With the limited number of training contracts on offer and those spaces being reduced annually, law students should consider looking at career options within the wider legal profession.  There are many options and many ways to qualify.  This article highlights a great alternative career path within the legal industry.

I recently heard Peter Crisp, Dean of the BPP Law School, discuss the various options law students have, not only to work within the legal profession but also to qualify outside of the traditional training contract scheme; for example within an LPO model or as a paralegal.

The legal profession and those advising law students should highlight the variety of options law students have.

It would be such a shame not to use the knowledge within the profession and also a great shame not be able to continue to grow and support the next generation of law students.

I read that in 2012, approximately 20,000 students undertook a law degree but in 2013 only around 6,000 students went on the legal practice course – a drop of 70%.  We need to retain that talent and ensure diversity within the the profession.

Tech-savvy law students were last week invited to pursue careers delivering legal services via technology businesses instead of the conventional route of joining a legal firm, at a meeting of IT executives committed to establishing London as a global hub for lawtech start-ups.

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