• Failure of incumbent service provider to innovate and leverage existing processes to meet growing needs
  • Inefficient and outdated contracting processes
  • Unmet need for greater use of outsourcing, improved efficiency and responsiveness, collaboration on process development, and building a ‘continuous improvement culture’
  • Requirements for multi-lingual, multi-region contracts support


  • Buy- and Sell-Side Contract Review and Negotiation:
    • Negotiation support in 10 different languages for thousands of annual agreements across more than 20 jurisdictions (particularly within EMEA)
    • Heightened support for review and negotiation of transactions per customer’s criteria for greater legal team involvement
  • Innovative Staffing and Processes:
    • Global software-enabled managed service with 15 dedicated and part-time contracts specialists across India, Poland, the UK, and the US
    • A ‘legal front gate’ inbound contract support to triage requests based on geography, complexity, and language requirements
  • Performance Innovation:
    • Collection, analysis, and reporting of service delivery data and metrics
    • Improvements to playbooks, templates, and processes based on up-to-date monitoring and analysis of service delivery


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Successfully transitioned from incumbent provider in under three months
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Over 30% reduction in overall contracting cycle time
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Exceptionally high contract requestor satisfaction (9.8 out of 10 in customer’s internal surveys)
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Enhanced the impact and ROI of customer’s existing technology by augmenting it with Elevate’s proprietary workflow and data-capture software
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Elevate software provides deeper insight into workflow and productivity trends,  bottlenecks, and opportunities for improvement

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