Access expert resources to increase support for internal teams, aligning experience with practical use.

Elevate employs global teams of privacy professionals, lawyers, technologists, and support specialists with experience in privacy functions. We offer program design and implementation, managed services, and standalone support including data mapping, policies and procedures, DSAR response, DPA and SCC remediation, data breach response, DPIA, and technical consulting.

We are an extension of your in-house and outside firm resources working together, so  you remain compliant and informed of the growing demands of global, E.U., and U.S. privacy regulations.

Program Design and Implementation

Evaluate, design, and implement privacy programs, including:

    • Program Risk Assessment
    • Benchmarking and Horizon Planning
    • Privacy Tooling
    • Data Mapping
    • Policy Frameworks
    • Data Privacy Risk Assessment Procedures (PIAs, DPIAs)
    • Tech Consulting
    • Training and Education

Standalone Services

Fill in the gaps of your privacy function and provide support for overflow or incident responses, including

    • Playbooks
    • Standard Contractual Clause Review and Remediation (including Transfer Risk Assessments)
    • DSAR Response Managed Service
    • Data Processing Agreement Review
    • Data Breach Response
    • Data Protection Impact Assessments
    • Privacy Notices

Outsourced Privacy Office

Combine program design and implementation with standalone services, including DPO, to handle the most common privacy tasks allowing internal privacy professionals to focus on higher-value activities.

Why choose Elevate for privacy matters?

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The ability to combine privacy experience with logistical and technical expertise
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Elevate’s accelerated data breach review is more than 25% faster than traditional breach reviews
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The largest team of dedicated contract management professionals in the industry for privacy-related contract lifecycle management
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Structured customer engagements where all work complies with playbooks and meets stringent SLAs
Solution Brief

Data Breach Response

When there is a data breach – time is of the essence.

Solution Brief

Contract Risk Rapid Assessment

Review your contract portfolio to assess regulatory compliance, potential legal exposure, and enforceability.

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