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Progress: Elevate’s Second Annual Equitability and Inclusion Report

LOS ANGELES – February 6, 2020 – Today, Elevate has released its second annual Equitability and Inclusion Report, to continue the conversation about the value of an equitable and inclusive workplace with the law company’s employees, customers, and business partners.

The report’s key findings include:

  • The gender pay gap analysis shows that global average compensation for women is 9% higher than men.
  • Female membership of the Corporate and Advisory Boards has increased by 4% between 2018 and 2019 (from 40% to 44%).
  • The share of women in all roles globally increased and there was an uptick in underrepresented populations1, which now make up 11% of the employee base.

The gathering and analysis of this data is an initiative of “Synergy,” Elevate’s equitability and inclusion team, established in 2017. This report was led by Elevate’s Global Head of Synergy, Jacquie Champagne, and Director of People Engagement, Courtney Little, working with a team of senior Elevate executives including Chairman and CEO, Liam Brown; President and Executive Sponsor of Synergy, John Croft; and VP of People, Joyce Thorne.

“By publishing this survey, we hold ourselves accountable,” said Croft. “There is always room for improvement and we have launched several initiatives around the world to address the needs of our Associates and create awareness. For instance, in our India offices, we are working on improving travel safety, comprehensive sexual harassment training, and mentorship programs. We also held an event in our London office to educate ourselves about how unconscious bias can impact the workplace and our professional relationships.”

Diversity goes beyond gender, sexual orientation and race at Elevate as the company aims to create a culture that produces and rewards the best work from every employee. This is the impetus for launching the “Elevated Workplace of the Future” program.

“Our last report gave us the insight that we need to work on ‘elevating’ the experience our company offers not only to our customers, but also to our people,” said Little. “The vision of Elevate’s Workplace of the Future is to create a culture where relationships, psychological safety, and personal fulfillment are amplifiers for high performance and exceptional customer experience.” As a result, the company is developing a mental health and wellness program. “At Elevate, it is critical that our people feel safe and trusted to be their whole selves, without fear of negative consequences to self-image, status or career,” added Champagne. “We are working on improving awareness, acceptance and reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues.”


About Elevate
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1As defined in in the Report, underrepresented populations include: Black or African American; LatinX; American Indian or Alaska Native; Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander; and Two or More Races.

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