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Elevate Unveils ELM Software

A Legal Operations Platform for Law Departments and Law Firms


LOS ANGELES – June 23, 2020 – Law company Elevate today launched its Ecosystem Legal Management (ELM) software, an easy-to-use, cloud-based legal operations platform to streamline the way law departments and law firms manage legal work and collaborate.

Digital transformation is a priority for CEOs, but corporations often overlook enterprise software for law departments. Instead, General Counsel typically operate a patchwork of different legal technologies to manage legal requests from the business, manage budgets and billing, manage outside counsel, manage contracts, and manage their global legal team. Workflow is often manual, leading to overflowing email inboxes, with no easy way to track who is working on what – or the status of a project. Reporting often relies on time-consuming manual work to gather and assemble relevant data from siloed systems (billing, staffing, project management, etc.).

Legal technology used by law firms is typically optimized for their internal needs, disconnected from the systems that their clients use, and the way their clients work. Once again, collaboration and reporting rely on time-consuming, manual work to transfer documents, information, and data to the law department, often by email or by requiring clients to log into multiple law firm case management systems.

In contrast to a collection of point-solutions that only capture and track information about a single aspect of legal operations, Elevate ELM offers a single, integrated, user-friendly automation, workflow, and reporting system across multiple business processes, such as matter/project management, contract management/e-signature, budgeting/billing, and reporting. Elevate ELM enables self-service, eliminates the inefficiency of manual work and email, and provides real-time insight into project status, resourcing, and cost. GC can now demonstrate the value of the law department to the corporation. And law firms can simplify their project management for clients, bringing all the files, knowledge, data, tasks, timelines, checklists, costs, and notifications together in one place.

“Elevate’s own law department uses Elevate ELM to track requests from the rest of the business, allocate work, buy services from outside counsel, monitor our performance against milestones and deliverables, simplify and accelerate sales contracting, change orders, and price changes, better manage obligations and suppliers, and keep track of and report enterprise risk to our board,” said Steve Harmon, General Counsel at Elevate. “Being part of the launch group for the Elevate ELM has improved the quality and accessibility of our law dept data and provided me the ability to report key metrics relevant to our CEO, CFO, VP Sales, and others in our C-suite.”

“Elevate ELM allows corporations and outside counsel to work together smarter and more efficiently,” said Sharath Beedu, VP Products at Elevate. “With Elevate ELM’s out of the box simplicity, legal ops can have users up and running, achieving and reporting results quickly.”


About Elevate

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