The Legal Metrics Portal is a resource designed to create a community of like-minded professionals interested in collaborating, sharing, and advancing our collective need for legal metrics and benchmarking.

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The web-based portal consists of three critical assets:

A rich set of information about legal metrics: the portal explains the importance of legal metrics, where to start, how to build a legal metrics program and explores the critical elements of a program, including engaging stakeholders, building metrics roadmaps, and creating legal dashboards.

A metrics catalogue: the portal includes more than 500 legal metrics spanning 17 different categories across legal operations and legal practice areas. Every metric explains what insight it produces, how to obtain it, and how important and easy or hard it is to gather and report.

A metrics Wizard: the portal enables users to start with the critical decisions or important narratives to communicate to stakeholders. The Wizard filters and presents the relevant key metrics from the 500+ metrics catalogue to support the legal business decision or narrative through a five-step process.

The new portal will support the Elevate team and our customers, providing law departments and law firms with insights to navigate today’s complexities while delivering legal services cost-effectively.

Find the Best Metrics for Your Law Department, the Easy Way

For a law department, selecting the right metrics enables better decision-making and provides the opportunity to compellingly demonstrate value to internal clients. The Legal Metrics Portal provides an easy-to-use tool that guides law department leaders through selecting the best metrics for their purposes.

Watch the demo video below.

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