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Manage Requests Like a Pro

December 10, 2021

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Managing requests can be challenging, whether those of a corporate law department or a law firm. Both law departments and law firms manage a large volume and variety of requests. Each request needs review, assignment to the correct resource, then tracking, communication, and reporting. With the new release of Manage Requests software on Elevate’s Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) platform, you can understand the types of requests coming in, assign them to the right team, and analyse and monitor progress to completion. The result is increased responsiveness and greater visibility for your organisation.

Law departments need a front gate for incoming requests from other parts of the business. For law firms, managing internal operational and business-related requests is critical to keeping the focus on the legal work coming into the firm. In either case, Manage Requests can be the entry point that captures data in a structured way and enables you to use that information to assign each request to the appropriate team with available resources.

Let’s think beyond the request. Elevate’s Manage Requests software can operate as a stand-alone solution. But with Manage Requests as an entry point collecting structured data, it becomes possible to feed that information into all of your other law-related point-solutions (i.e., those used to manage matters, contracts, billing, and RFPs), providing you with a comprehensive platform integrating all of your data.

As part of the overall Elevate Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) platform, Manage Requests exponentially adds value as you add more modules and connect your legal data across them, making the promise of the ELM come true. If a full ELM is too big of a vision, for now, managing your requests is a perfect place to begin. You can achieve peace of mind knowing that requests have been received, reviewed, and assigned to the right legal resource, and you have the data you need to report to the business.

With this release of Manage Requests software by Elevate:

  • The system can automatically create a new request upon receipt of an email rather than requiring requestors to log into the system and manually enter their request.
  • You can standardise the tasks to be completed for different types of requests so that all team members follow the same steps in handling a request.
  • Email concerning a given request is archived and accessible.
  • Users can quickly and easily access and monitor their assigned requests.
  • The chronology of actions taken on a specific request enables you to quickly determine data changes and who made them.
  • You can manage team members’ abilities to access and update requests, allowing for collaboration on any request.
  • It’s easy to generate and view standard and ad hoc reports.
  • Information on requests flows into other ELM modules.

Manage Requests is a powerful yet simple-to-use tool to intake, route, track, and analyse requests while increasing your responsiveness and effectiveness. Contact us today to learn more.

Manage Requests is a powerful yet simple-to-use tool to intake, route, track, and analyse requests while increasing your responsiveness and effectiveness in handling requests.

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