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Livin’ the Dream: Managing Matters and Outside Counsel with Elevate’s Enterprise Legal Management (ELM)

April 09, 2021

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Previously, I’ve posted about the issues with traditional Enterprise Legal Management as well as daring to dream what an ELM might one day do (and do well). Today, I’d like to describe some ELM dreams that have come true with the latest release of Elevate’s ELM.

For law departments, our Manage Outside Counsel module now includes a shared-comment feature that enables a higher level of collaboration within law departments. Not only can law department attorneys comment on individual deliverables in submitted proposals, but Manage Outside Counsel also allows you to clone existing RFPs instead of having to start with a blank screen and repeatedly cut-and-paste to compose a new proposal. This saves law departments time and effort by allowing you to quickly leverage existing material.

For law firms, our Manage Matters module allows firm attorneys to monitor, assign, and oversee work. Newly-released features include:

  • The ability to view sets of matters grouped according to classifications (Billed, Work-In-Progress, etc.)
  • Enhanced tools that accelerate matter planning by letting you add up to 10 phases and/or tasks simultaneously
  • Print functionality in the Scope & Planning dashboard to enable easy sharing internally or externally of scope changes made over the life of the matter

Whatever modules you use, Elevate ELM now has an integrated alert service so that users can see alerts from every module in one interface. Click on the alert and the Elevate ELM instantly takes you to the module and the item that requires attention.

Elevate continues to make ELM dreams a reality – stay tuned for updates on all of our ELM modules!

These are some ELM dreams that have come true with the latest release of Elevate’s ELM.

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