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How to Attract Talent: Create an Inclusive Law Department

March 01, 2022

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This quote from the attached article alludes to a law department focusing on company culture to attract Talent to its departments. Interestingly, all the attributes outlined are very appropriate to attracting Talent who happen to be disabled.

Being broad-minded about who can do the job means providing reasonable accommodations to those who may have a more challenging time performing the job without them, but, with them, produce just as much value as non-disabled colleagues.

Leveraging broader networks means creating a broader network. Most people may not have disabled legal professionals in their network, or they do but do not know of their disability. By creating an inclusive culture and promoting it, you may be pleasantly surprised as to who in your network raises their hand for opportunities.

Offering a space to be one’s authentic self. This one is self-evident, so I won’t even need to comment.

Yes, the Talent war IS winnable – law departments just need to broaden their lens.

“I think being broad-minded about who can do the job, leveraging colleagues’ networks in addition to your own and offering a space to be one’s authentic self are all key differentiators.”

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