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Flexing to Adjust to the Next Normal

May 05, 2020

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As the world continues to adjust to meet the challenges of a global pandemic, we’re reminded that, just as with 2008, there isn’t necessarily a reduction in the overall need for legal support; rather, the contours of the required expertise, experience and capacity have changed – in some cases radically and rapidly.

For GCs, this means a tactical reduction of costs in some areas, cost-effectively increasing capacity in others, and developing a strategic team structure that can flex dynamically in the future. All while retaining access to the essential business knowledge possessed by the core team.

The sustainable, cost-effective solution to this problem lies at the nexus of the law department, its partner law firms, and ElevateFlex. We can help by sourcing immediate support from our global Talent Community, providing a career path for talent whose skills may not be required in the short term, and designing a long-term staffing solution to ensure your law department can adapt to the “next normal”.

Currently, much of the hiring is for corporate legal departments straining under demands for expertise in particular niches, or from reduced productivity due to COVID-19-related issues

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