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Fail and Fail Fast to #makelawbetter

May 05, 2020

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I agree with Cat Moon. Innovation doesn’t require a grandiose change. It is important to innovate through making micro-changes, experiment to see what works, learn quickly from your mistakes, and make continual improvements. That’s the key to #makelawbetter.

To innovate demands experimentation and an experiment, by definition, means we don’t know the exact outcome. If we did, then it would not be an experiment.

Experiments can, and I submit in the context of #makelawbetter, must be designed intelligently and intentionally, and in ways that limit as much as possible unintended and negative consequences. Scientific experiments that make our modern world possible are designed and run in this way. So, guess what? It is possible for us to do the same. To design informed, intelligent, and intentional experiments to #makelawbetter.

Which means we need to try things that sometimes won’t work — this is the failure part — and learn from what doesn’t work to inform how to keep experimenting and iterating and never stopping because this is the only way we will succeed to #makelawbetter.

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