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Elevate Has Moved to

August 22, 2023

Elevate elevate change

Our new URL neatly describes our ambition to improve the legal industry.

When I founded Elevate in 2011, I chose the name ‘Elevate Services, Inc.’ and the URL Before law companies, the ALSP sector was what it said on the tin, i.e., it was ‘Alternative’ and ‘Services.’ I never imagined the regulatory, technology, and business forces would so deeply weave law into day-to-day business operations; the explosion of legal tech, data, data science, and AI in law; or how successful Alternative Business Structures would be.

But we’re not ‘alternative’ anymore – more than 70% of law departments and 80% of law firms are using law companies, with the market expected to double in the next five years. Customer needs to get the job done have evolved beyond ‘services’ and require useful and useable software. For example, by 2026, 40% of legal departments will have implemented workflow technology to support systematic intake and triage for in-house work (Gartner’s 2023 Top Legal and Compliance Technology Predictions).

When referring to ourselves, we dropped the word ‘Services’ some years ago. We simply became ‘Elevate,’ which describes our weltanschauung, philosophy, or worldview – trying to make things better is what gets us out of bed in the morning.  

Today, Elevate helps the legal and business teams of over 100 Global 1000 corporate law depts and almost 50 Global 100 law firms achieve incredible outcomes, together. We help design strategies for the future, improve operations, implement technologies, streamline processes, measure and improve relevant KPIs, better manage suppliers and spend, manage change, and build great teams.

Elevate is expert-led. We have assembled a global, integrated, multi-disciplinary team of almost 2,000 legal, technology, and business professionals with deep domain knowledge, trusted customer relationships, and shared values.

And Elevate is software-powered. Over the years, while we have (I admit, sometimes enviously) watched the legal tech investment hype-cycle play out, we have quietly built a proprietary AI-powered enterprise legal ops software platform that we have deployed in numerous law departments and law firms to automate routine work, improving efficiency, quality, and cycle-time.

I am proud to see industry analysts such as Chambers and Gartner recognise Elevate as a leader in innovation at the intersection of business and law. And I am also proud to be part of the #ALSP, #lawcompany, #newlaw, #integratedlaw, #legalops, #modernlaw (you know who you are) movement, and community of professionals trying to #makelawbetter. I invite you to visit our website to find out whether we can help you too.

Liam Brown
Founder, Chairman and CEO

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