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Webinar: A Worthy Journey Defies All Maps

CLI Webinar with Nicole Auerbach and Kunoor Chopra

Jun 25 | 9am PDT

A Worthy Journey Defies All Maps

Nicole and Kunoor will share how they took what they thought was the traditional career path. While that served a worthy purpose for a time, they both went off-roading in their own ways, following their passion and their hearts. Nicole Auerbach from a BigLaw partnership to a leap of faith to start a new model firm to bring AFAs to the market in 2008 when no one knew what they even were, and then a decade later pivoting again to start ElevateNext. Kunoor Chopra from BigLaw to her own company, then to the buyer of it, then to helping start Elevate. And all the bumps and failures and highs and lessons they have learned along the way. Gut and grit and glory.


Nicole Auerbach
Kunoor Chopra


Thurs, June 25
9am PDT

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