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The Economist – General Counsel Virtual Week

November 2nd – 5th, 2020 | Virtual Conference


Liam Brown, CEO, and Founder, Elevate, joined Matt Fawcett, GC, NetApp, and Ann van Ysendyck, VP & Group Head of Legal, ArcelorMittal, for an exclusive insight hour discussion on legal teams in a world transformed.

This Economist General Counsel conference virtual session focused on how businesses, client relationships, and work practices are being reshaped. How can general counsel future-proof their business processes and build resilience for the next crisis? How can technology be used to make teams more efficient? And how should strategies employed during this crisis be used in the long run? The panelist addressed these and other key questions, including:

  • What will a post-pandemic legal department look like?
  • How will business structures change?
  • What will be the implications of the “next” normal?

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