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06/09 | Legal Innovators California

June 9 – 11, 2022 | Conference

Elevate is excited to sponsor the Legal Innovators California conference! Join us in-person in San Francisco on June 9 to examine and discuss different perspectives on innovation at the intersection of legal technology and the business of law.

Join Elevate expert Kim Lanza-Russo, for her keynote: Design for Delight, to kick off the days proceedings. Kim explains how user adoption should be considered at the beginning of the software design process.

This one-day conference is designed for all industry experts, enthusiasts, and key decision-makers in the legal transformation and legal technology fields. Throughout the day, you will meet and interact with expert speakers and exhibitors at the forefront of the legal industry, each with a unique—and illuminating—perspective on legal innovation and the future of the legal sector.

> Read Kim’s conference recap here

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