Contracts Insights is a human-in-the-loop, AI-powered service delivered by experienced contracts lawyers that:

  • Assist with the gathering and review of executed contract documents
  • Inventories all documents by contract type and organises them in a parent-child hierarchy
  • Tracks exceptions and missing items
  • Substantively reviews executed contracts and extracts critical metadata and key provisions
  • Provides metadata output for integration with contract management systems

Contracts Insights combines artificial intelligence, legal experts, and technical teams to enable you to:

  1. Create a high-integrity contract repository that:
    • Provides a single, consolidated access point for precedent agreements and related obligations
    • Improves obligation management to avoid missing contract renewals and failures to perform
    • Facilitates stronger negotiating positions based on analysis of existing contracts
    • Leads to better results by leveraging AI-powered insights from your contracts
  2. Support M&A due diligence and post-closing contract management integration, including:
    • Review of contracts for change of control and assignment provisions
    • Identification of which contracts require counterparty consent, notice, or payments to remain in effect and which do not need further action
    • Audit of all master agreements to spot and help eliminate duplication and unfavorable commercial terms
  3. Enhance CLM AI-based imports by:
    • Organising and structuring contracts in parent-child order
    • Using human reviews to validate the results of AI extraction

Why choose Elevate for Contracts Insights?

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Our Contracts Insights team has reviewed over 13 million contract documents using Elevate’s highly efficient and cost-effective Contracts Insights process
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Contracts Insights’ rigorous technology-enabled process integrates support from 200-plus tenured lawyers to deliver high-quality output (~99% data accuracy)
Solution Brief

AI-Powered Contracts Data Structuring

When negotiating contracts, you want to analyse your contractual obligations quickly and accurately to make the most informed decisions.

Solution Brief

Post-M&A Integration

You’ve closed the deal – now comes integrating the contractual commitments you acquired.

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