• Customer needed a custom workflow process to find material for depositions in shared eDiscovery database
  • Incomplete, incorrect, and duplicative material due to lack of uniform standards for metadata and other information
  • Customer unable to access complete, original material from parties with competing interests
  • Significant delays preparing for depositions with existing process for Search Term Reporting (STR) requests of email data from specific date ranges


  • Elevate developed a customised search solution that identified emails with date range regardless of errors in document metadata and field values
  • Elevate‚Äôs solution efficiently limited records to specified custodians
  • Elevate optimised the search and reporting workflow to minimise turnaround time for STR request


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50% decrease in average turnaround time for STR requests
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66% reduction in billable charges for STR requests
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Billable time per request cut from approximately 1.5 hours to 30 minutes
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Efficient, repeatable, and defensible process for search term reporting and deposition preparation

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