• Inadequate strategic supplier contract management process – expiration dates went unnoticed, obligations not systematically tracked
  • Contracts security certification documents were hard to locate
  • Dissatisfaction with SharePoint as contracts repository
  • No systematic response process for client audits


  • ELM Manage Contracts module with automatic expiration alerts and color-coded dashboard for expiring contracts
  • Ability to quickly take action within system to initiate renewals, negotiations, etc.
  • System onboarding process for strategic partners and operational suppliers
  • Built-in procedures and mandatory controls for audit compliance
  • Strategic partner ‘social profiles’ for contract management, communications, obligations, reviews, and due diligence
  • Supplier security and audit information readily available
  • Ability to scale and incorporate compliance risks evaluations


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New contract management processes and controls to meet strict financial client audit requests
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Platform encourages collaboration between internal and external legal teams
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Contract process automation improves productivity of small legal team
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Actively tracks contract obligations and expirations to reduce contract revenue leakage
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Mitigates compliance risks in heavily regulated financial sector
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Decreased low-value administrative work for lawyers leading to higher utilisation rates

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