• Law firm was expanding litigation team and had to compete with firms that already had global networks in place
  • Hiring contract reviewers through agencies was costly and required significant effort to ramp team up and down
  • Quality of review product suffered because most reviewers lacked experience and institutional knowledge
  • Customer needed to maintain expensive office facilities to accommodate review projects


  • Built offshore review team with dedicated core team of reviewers and capacity to add flexible resources as needed for spikes in workload
  • Developed comprehensive playbooks and artifacts, drawing on law firm’s and Elevate’s best practices experience
  • Created a centralised helpdesk for partners to engage hybrid services


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Reduced total cost of document review operation by 50%
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Substantially improved overall quality of review output with greater consistency
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Firm can now take on additional work which it previously would have turned away
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Extended hours of availability for firm’s document review resources

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