Customer needed to clean up rate sheets and structures in their ebilling system and implement a rate management programme.

  • Customer’s existing ebilling system caused confusion, timekeeper rule application errors, and incorrect matter/rate application
  • Customer’s in-house law department was being billed inconsistent rates across practice groups despite corporate-level agreements
  • Customer had limited or zero visibility into rate negotiations between in-house staff and outside counsel
  • Customer wanted to update their ebilling system with consistent rates, ensure AFAs and discounts were realised, and establish a rate management/negotiation programme


  • Analyse customer rates for their entire portfolio of law firms to identify:
    • Rate offer and structure consolidation
    • Inconsistent billing rates
    • Lack of enforcement of volume discounts
    • Opportunities to create consistent rates or negotiate new rates for portfolio of law firm
  • Create rate reports using analytics software for law firms for every practice area for benchmarking and reporting purposes
  • Centralise rate negotiations with key operations personnel and adopt aggressive rate negotiation practices
  • Launch rate management programme with rate negotiations for more than 75 law firms


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Reduced rate structures/sheets from more than five to three rate structures realising operational and ebilling efficiency, resulting in increased time savings
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Re-engaged law firms to capture appropriate discounts
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Cleaned up inconsistent billing practices, reducing multiple rates per timekeeper to two to increase ebilling system efficiency
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Developed timekeeper reporting dashboards by practice area for distribution on demand
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Created a rate increase management programme and framework for the law department to evaluate future rate increases and new rates
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Centralised communications to mitigate confusion

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