In-house litigation counsel contacted Elevate for guidance on how to address high-volume law firm’s concerns regarding bill entries for appeal and initial acceptance:

      • Improve in-house and outside counsel partnership
      • Reduce administrative, low-value communication for in-house lawyers
      • Clarify outside counsel confusion over reductions/appeal process
      • Move more matters to fixed fee to reduce costs
      • Manage outside counsel relationship with high-volume firms, while balancing need for cost savings


  • Elevate worked collaboratively with in-house counsel to review invoices from high-volume firm to agree on application of guidelines moving forward
  • Collaborated to create a knowledge base for consistent review and flexibility with guideline applications for firms and/or matters
  • Adapted model to continue enforcing permanent savings reductions with added leniency and flexibility for inadequate descriptions
  • Majority of invoice questions sent directly to Elevate, creating significant time savings for inside counsel


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Discussions over invoice reductions and appeals lead firm to move to more fixed-fee arrangements, a law department goal
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New application of guidelines reduces outside counsel frustration ensuring that legal bills will be paid in full
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Fixed fee arrangements reduce litigation costs, expedite invoice payment, and eliminate appeal/resubmission process for correction
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Invoice review process allows in-house counsel to spend more time focused on relationship and negotiations with outside counsel, not on invoice-related items
Quantifiable facts on Manage Invoice Review
Managed Invoice Review 7-Point Methodology Process
Design Slide on Managed Invoice Review, a service of Elevate's ELM software

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