• Production deadline appeared impossible to meet after another service provider experienced a one-week delay in the processing of documents for extremely expedited review
  • Documents could not be uploaded to document review platform in anticipated timeframe, reducing time to only one week to meet customer’s production deadline with  complex review of more than 65,000 documents and over 50,000 Excel line entries
  • Excel line-entry review was difficult to manage and scale because entries were split across two master spreadsheets requiring further segregation into smaller spreadsheets to assign to reviewers
  • Team had to manually update two main spreadsheets with each individual reviewer’s coding


  • Elevate assembled project team with ~ 50 experienced reviewers in under 24 hours with SMEs, QC specialists, and multiple project managers
  • Team overcame short timeline by creating search terms to segregate documents by responsiveness likelihood/issue categories
  • Search methodology sped up review pace/ensured accuracy, limiting amount of additional quality checks necessary for error-free deliverable
  • Assigned project manager to oversee Excel line-entry review component for consistency/accuracy with custom filters/logic checks on spreadsheets to identify and correct any human error
  • Project managers, SMEs, and team leads devoted significant time to ongoing real-time training and feedback for review team with “huddle sessions” scheduled throughout day to expedite learning process, reducing need for additional quality checks and re-work
  • Team worked extended hours and through a holiday weekend to meet deadline


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Customer met production deadline that initially appeared impossible
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Customer increased scope of engagement as a result of initial success
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By project close, Elevate delivered high-quality work product for about 120,000 documents in nearly half the projected time
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Saved customer time, money, and did not miss any deadlines
Snapshot of a Case Study on eDiscovery

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