• Customer wanted to automate the contract management process across the organisation.
  • Most contracts were processed using email communication and MS Word version control. Fully executed versions were often used as a base for new contract drafts.
  • As business users were not required to provide key contract metadata when requesting an agreement, and because of a lack of a central contract repository, the Customer suffered from restricted search capabilities, limited visibility, and limited reporting.
  • Customer wanted to move from a regionally and/or functional-maintained contracting process to a uniform global digital contracting process.


  • An Elevate Icertis implementation to manage end-to-end contract lifecycle process for Legal, Procurement and Commercial functions.
  • Two-Phased approach based on regions and contract volumes:
    • Phase 1: North America (50%)
    • Phase 2: Other regions (20 countries)
  • 120 Agreement types, 60 configured as system templates
  • Standardised contract creation, review and approval process integrated with e-signature (AdobeSign)
  • AI/Machine Learning modules and Reporting Data Warehouse


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Adoption by 450 users in 20 countries, across multiple languages
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Created bandwidth within the law department
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Improved contract drafting process
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Improved visibility into migrated legacy contracts
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Automated templates and workflows

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