• Negotiated scope during initial discussions was not known or understood, and the amount of data is now outside the boundaries of initial cost conversations
  • Settlement discussions, aiming for mutual resolution, have been prolonged without success. The urgency of meeting discovery deadlines set months ago necessitates expedited discovery proceedings.
  • Expertise is needed by the clients in developing savings initiatives and leveraging all technology possible to limit the burden of eDiscovery costs


  • Data loaded to ECA workspace, where users can leverage searching on content and metadata to identify what needs to be looked at, coded, and promoted for review
  • Data subsequently promoted for review, granting complete accessibility to coding and production
  • Cost savings achieved, with only 2GB of relevant data identified through ECA exercises out of the provided 120GB


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50% reduction in average review time
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60%-85% reduction in data hosting costs
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Streamlining and acceleration of the review process
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Client’s needs championed with effective use of technology

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