• Urgent need to isolate data sets containing Personally Identifying Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • Unforgiving deadlines for legally-required notification of individuals with PII/PHI potentially exposed in the attack
  • Project required identifying and eliminating redundant material concerning PII/PHI of individuals and entities
  • Requirement to limit costs, from initial data analysis through completion of a ‘clean’ spreadsheet without redundant material (e.g., duplicative entries for an individual because multiple datasets contained their PII/PHI)


  • Extensive data mining process to identify PII and PHI using Canopy’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, its built-in, data-driven regular expression searches, and  Elevate’s searches tailored to project-specific requirements
  • Creation of custom coding layout that increased the efficiency of Canopy’s automation tools (e.g., its mapping feature to automatically capture dense PII and PHI in spreadsheets, charts, and tables within minutes)
  • Comprehensive, optimised processes for consolidating relevant information about each individual across all sources into a single notification list entry that preserved information on the sources of any duplicative material


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90% reduction in cost of review achieved via a comprehensive data mining exercise that identified and eliminated ~92% of data  as irrelevant or duplicative
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Savings from using India-based review teams with lower hourly rates
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Economical options for retaining data after project ended
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Rapid determination of necessary scope of the review based on detailed analysis using the comprehensive impact assessment report that Elevate generated within 24 hours
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Dramatic reduction (i.e., weeks) in time required for necessary review using Elevate’s comprehensive data mining capability to identify duplicative and irrelevant documents
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Met relevant deadlines, with non-stop (i.e., 24×7) work by  India-based team, ensuring project concluded within allotted time
Elevate's Data Breach Response mitigated concerns over ransomware attack for a global law firm

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