Elevate’s AI is web-based legal document and contract analytics technology. The Elevate ELM business process modules utilise this technology and interdisciplinary data science for document identification, metadata tagging, contract analytics, workflow process improvement, case valuation — and more.

      • Natural Language Processing (NLP) a machine learning library to read, extract, and analyse legal terminology
      • Secure Data Repository that is ISO 27001 certified
      • A full-featured and highly extensible technology for software engineers and data scientists
      • Pre-Trained Contract Analytics designed to extract data from legal documents using machine learning and other analytic techniques

Elevate’s AI is trained to perform a wide range of tasks, including:

      • Contract Identification and Organisation – Categorise, remove duplicates and integrate with your contract management system (CMS)
      • Contract Harmonisation – Locate and link related documents, identify exceptions or outlier agreements; categorise contracts, find common language, terms, uncommon or unique clause
      • Due Diligence/M&A – Search shared drives, mail servers, and cloud services; validate key legal terms and financial assumptions; identify regulatory and deal risks (e.g., most favored or discounts); analyse communications
      • Accounting/Finance – Identify key financial terms and ratios; process standard forms; customise data models; find regulatory and geopolitical risks
      • Supply Chain and Supplier Management – Search shared drives, mail servers, and cloud services; validate key legal terms (e.g., change of control and executive benefits); confirm revenue and sales assumptions; identify financial risks and triggers
      • Real Estate and Lease Abstraction – Validate key legal terms, liabilities, financial assumptions, and restrictions; identify discounts, critical dates, rates, and termination dates
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Eric Detterman – Productisation and Machine Learning

Welcome to the first episode of the ‘Inside the Engine Room’ series on the Elevate.Together.Podcast. Hosted by Elevate’s Dan Katz, Vice President Data Science Innovation at Elevate.

Why choose Elevate for AI and Data Science expertise?

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Elevate’s NLP deconstructs legal language into its most fundamental units
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Integrated AI and data science increase efficiency 

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